Friday, 14 October 2011

Urban London Landscapes

This is a quiet post. 
As my husband recovers from the flu and I prepare our flat for a house guest next week I thought I would take a little blog break today and share some scenes of everyday, non-touristy London.



Hope everyone had a healthy Friday and has a beautiful weekend!


  1. Sending healing wishes his way Danielle! Flu's never seem to want to completely end. Have fun next week! House guests can be fun! Yeah, lots of work preparing, but interesting things they get you involved in. HAHAHA Have a good one girl. Love the word TEA in a couple of them! :D

  2. Thanks Kim! The first tea used to be a Tea Factory, and the second one is a closed down shop. I want to colect all the old tea signs in my camera- there are plenty around!