Monday, 17 October 2011

TOP SECRET: The Week Ahead...

A friend from the States has arrived today for a week in London! You can expect to see a lot of photos like this pop up:
Actually taken in Maryland
The theme of her visit is the secret side of London. Underground performances, pop up restaurants and speakeasies are all in store for this week.

Here is our list:
Thats what I will be exploring this week.
Are there any London secrets you can tell me?


  1. Ahh..that sounds great, I hope you both have a fantastic time!! xx

  2. Never heard of the Coach and Horses teashop - how cool! must try it! I'd recommend taking alook to see if anything is happening at Elephant and castle Urban forest!/elephantandcastleurbanforestand
    AND the Golem and mudlarking at Wapping should be good creepy fun (if 6 November isn't too late)

  3. Ohhhhh! You two are gonna be dangerous together! I can totally see it. I can't wait to read about and see these adventures Danielle! That pink dress and your horns are awesome girl. Have a fab time. Got your tweet this morning! Congrats on the award and pass it on. ((HUG))

  4. Purl is GREAT - but see if you can reserve a table because they don't aways let you in if you haven't! Have fun!

  5. Even my photos when I'm in London with my girls end up in these poses :-) Fun Fun Fun

    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

  6. DDH- thanks!

    Jenny- Thanks for the suggestions! THe urban forest looks soo cool!

    Kim-The horns are from a bachelorette party :)

    Betsy- Thanks for the tip!

    TDF- :)