Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Pinkberry Treats Served in London's Selfridges

It has been a couple months since Pinkberry started swirling frozen yougurt inside Selfridges food halls, but October was the first chance I had to treat myself to a taste.

Fro-yo wasn't a 'thing' in the 90s in London, like it was in the States (TCBY, anyone?), but now it is getting to be pretty popular, with smaller chains opening around the area such as the tartly named SNOG.

Pinkberry is the first American fro-yo chain to grace the city and I'm not one to miss a chance on having Hollywood's favorite accessory after Starbucks (and DUI's).

Hidden in the back of the Selfridges food hall, Pinkberry serves up the same lo-cal treats as in their US stores- even offering Cap'n' Crunch!

What did I swirl? My favorite: watermelon frozen yogurt, Cap'n' Crunch cereal, and kiwi fruit.

VERDICT: Delicious! My husband had a hard time adjusting to the semi-sweet chocolate and frozen yogurt flavours, but I am a fan and loved this healthy(ish) frozen indulgence.

Have you been to Pinkberry yet? What is your favorite flavor to swirl?


  1. I love Pinkberry Dani!!! And your combination looks absolutely YUMMY! I usually go for the original with blueberries, raspberries/strawberries , and pineapple. I like it better than TCBY! The stores are fab too. Always playing great music. :D

  2. I agree Kim- Pinkberry is 100x better than TCBY!

  3. This post made my day! I love Pinkberry and can't wait to have it again. The last time I had it was in NYC. I from Mpls and we don't have it there. Thanks for posting this :)

  4. That's funny -- when Pinkberry first came to NYC (where I now live), I thought, finally they've imported this tasty Korean brand. The first time I had Pinkberry yogurt was in Seoul! But I see we are both right. According to Wikipedia, Pinkberry was started up by two Korean Americans in California. What a displaced world! (as we like to say over at my collective blog, The Displaced Nation). I think I thought the flavor was Asian because it's so much tarter than most American brands (too sweet). Then again, California is another country as far as foodie experiences go!

  5. Rhea- Thank you! You will have to make a trip to Selfridges soon!

    ML-I never knew they were actually Korean- that is a fun fact! I do like the tartness- but think my Brit husband would have preferred the sweet. Thanks for the comment and twitter shout-out!

  6. Loving all the new flavors and toppings they continue to add at Pinkberry! :) I'm not a big sweets fan, so I love that this yogurt type dessert isn't too sweet and has a little tart side! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog...your is lovely!

    Liesl :)