Saturday, 29 October 2011

Proper Cup of Tea

I love tea time! And the Soho Secret Tea Room was the perfect place for a traditional cuppa.

If you want to make an excellent cup of tea, I highly suggest picking up a loose leaf. The SSTR serves some delicious blends- I went with the Earl Grey. 

After letting the leaves steep for 4 minutes, the tea should be ready to drink.

Step 1: Add sugar to your cup. I like one tea spoon, or one sugar cube if you are being fancy.

2. Add a strainer for the leaves, unless you happen to know a mystic skilled in tea leaf reading.

3. Pour brewed tea through strainer. Careful not to miss like I did! My dreams of being a geisha are now fully dashed.

4. Add milk to the strength you desire and stir! Some suggest putting the milk in first, but I find I end up over-pouring. Generally I like strong teas- either black or just a touch of milk.

5. Now sip and enjoy!

Thanks to Leila for being my model and Soho Secret Tea Room for their delicious afternoon tea!

What is your favorite way to take tea?


  1. I love loose leaf tea too although I tend to just use teabags for convenience. Wasn't the practice of putting milk in first to protect delicate china cups from cracking?

  2. I've never tried loose leaf tea on my own! HAHAHAHA I will have to do that. Great advice and tips! LOL at the Geisha comment! HAHA Dani, you are too funny girl. Leila is a trooper! Isn't it funny that whenever you're out with somebody, you get them involved with your blog too. HAHA It's like, I need this for my blog! Hope you're having a great weekend! ((HUG))

  3. Gorgeous. I love tea and teacups!! I'd love to learn the tea ceremony of a geisha..hopefully i won't mess up, lol. I like my tea with two sugars and a dash of milk :))) xx

  4. Looks like a really lovely place! Will have to check it out :)