Friday, 28 October 2011

#Occupy London: Scenes from St Paul's

Yesterday I said I was going to write about a proper cup of tea. If you are really excited about it I would come back to see it tomorrow. 
Today with all the news coverage, and especially the comments during last night's Question Time made about #OccupyLondon at St Paul's, I decided to post some photos of what the protest looked like last week.

Out front of London's iconic church was a scene different than what the newscasters had presented. The place was actually really organized, with little rows of tents, taped off areas for news cameras, pedestrians and sightseers.

There was no litter.
No raw sewage.
The front of the church was not blocked by any protesters, tents or news crews, it was easily accessible for anyone visiting.

I have no idea why St. Paul's closed or why they are trying to remove the protesters for "health and safety reasons". The first two minutes of any given music festival has more health code violations than this group of protesters has made in over a week.

I have seen other protests. I have seen chanting, shouting and threatening police. 

This was calm, quiet, collected. People just engaging in honest conversation about the social and economic inequality in the world. 

It was actually nice.

When we have a very current history of violent protest, it is an illogical and even dangerous move to not allow a place for peaceful demonstration. So why is the government looking to push protesters from this site?

It is sad that many politicians fail to attempt understanding the motives behind this worldwide protest and I truly hope it does not create a situation like NYC and Oakland have witnessed.

And well. That's all I wanted to say about that.

On a more lighthearted note, I saw this while punting in Cambridge:
I'm pretty sure y'all ARE the 1%

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  1. People all around the world are truly suffering. It kills me when they say they don't understand exactly what their message is! People are out of work, homeless, hungry, don't have health insurance etc. They just want to be heard. We're suppose to have a voice. But I guess they want to disband the 'nuisance' people too and sweep the problem under the rug. Truly sad. Thanks for posting this Danielle.