Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Timeline of a Birthday Weekend in London

Glam Factory at the National Portrait Gallery with friends followed by dinner at a Portuguese cafe Canela. Then off to Victoria for some beers with more friends.

Cakes and Carbs at Canela
Veg around at home watching the Importance of Being Earnest. Inspired, decide to ditch the plans for Italian to eat at Oscar Wilde's former haunt, Kettners.

Kettners, a British institution

Barely make the reservation, but still have enough time to soak in the historic ambiance. Indulge in some cheesecake while pretending Oscar is sipping some absinthe in the corner and Bing Crosby is crooning at the bar.

After dinner surprise with Priscilla Queen of the Desert tickets. Hilarious and almost as much fun as a real drag show in the beautiful (but way too hot- I think I went through menopause in the second act) Palace Theatre.

Remember going out to clubs all night for birthdays? This time wander the streets of Leicester Square to get Honeydew Bubble Tea and Passion Fruit popping boba from Bubbleology.

Wake up to a delicious birthday treat of Pumpkin Whoopie Pies from Hummingbird Bakery (from my Birthday list).

After opening presents, take a ridiculous bus journey (curse you TFL!) to see the first Renegade Craft Fair in the UK in Brick Lane.

Check out all the cute hip craft stands and find this gem:

Viva Las Vegas by Patrick Edgely

A print by Patrick Edgely with Viva Las Vegas on it. For people who got married in the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel? YES, PLEASE! 

Shopping for crafts can make you hungry. Conveniently the Sunday Up Market on Brick Lane is downstairs, so pick up some dumplings.

Maybe the vintage start to the weekend is to blame, but the urge to get 'Chips' served in newsprint from a retro Fish & Chip shop strikes, so its good Poppies is on the way back from Brick Lane.

Return home to west London exhausted. Cancel the plans for dinner and drinks in Fulham in favor of Mexican delivery from Tacuba and the Red Riding Hood dvd.

While Amanda Seyfried may disappoint, pulled pork nachos never do and it is the perfect way to unwind after a great weekend.

Hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. LOL Danielle! I enjoyed reading all of your ALTERNATIVE birthday plans. I'll start from the bottom up. I went to see Red Riding Hood at the movies and was very disappointed. Except for the HOT GUY EYE CANDY in it. LOL When I go to London, I definitely want to try the fish & chips. I guess I'm suppose to have a beer too huh? Heard it was SO good. Those pumpkin whoopie pies look so good. Totally beats are moon pies! HAHAHA Bubble tea instead of clubbing! I totally agree. But I was never much of a club girl to begin with. HAHAHA That 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' Musical looks very interesting! I've heard of it, but never looked into what is was about. Thanks for the heads up! And those cakes in the 1st pic look YUM YUM from a distance!!! So i can only imagine. Thanks for posting girl! You did what you wanted and had fun. :D

  2. Oh, it looks like you had such a fun birthday weekend! And bubble tea, too! This must be new, because if it had been there when we were, we'd have been all over this place in a New York minute. We love us some bubble tea in this house!

    Glad you had a fantastic birthday!

  3. Happy birthday! I love that you had such a retro, timeless weekend. Although, there are some definite modern touches - I might have to move to a neighbourhood that has Mexican food delivered!

  4. Kim- There was DEF some hot mens in RRH! It was its saving grace! I don't really like fried fish, but I like chips. Sadly most the beer in the UK is average, but there are a few local breweries in London that are good!

    Belle- Bubbleology just opened this year- its pretty good for being a powdered mix. There is a few of the restaurants in Chinatown do it too, but not for takeaway (at least where I have been).

    Emm- Thanks! Move to Putney we have THREE mexican delivery options here!

  5. wow, this looks like the most incredible and perfect way to celebrate your birthday... the cakes at the Portuguese place are quite literally making me drool :D lovely post, really made me smile. Happy belated birthday, truly hope you had a great one. xx