Thursday, 13 October 2011

70s Autumnal Birthday Swag

There seemed to be a theme running through the wonderful gifts my family and friends gave me for my birthday. Pumpkin orange, black, gold, and brown?

Someone must have anticipated yesterday's 70s post or know how excited I am for this autumn!

Camera pendant from my friend Nathalie. Prefect for my love of vintage cameras.

A cosy pumpkin colored slouchy jumper from my Mom.

Dachshund pendant by Daniela Sigurd from Kevin. I spotted it at the Thames festival, Kevin took note then ordered it from the website. SO happy he remembered and now I have this cute little guy in my life.

The black cloche hat from my birthday pinterest wish list.

A nice grey-brown cardigan from my Mom again. (Though it looks more grey here)

My £3.50 birthday present to myself: a cute bird to-go porcelain coffee cup from Wilkinsons.

Apparently I am really drawn to these 70s/Halloween-y autumn colors this season (or they are drawn to me).

What colors are you really digging now?


  1. I'm really loving how everyone is incorporating various shades of orange in their wardrobe. It truly looks great on everyone. It makes you SMILE whether its summer, spring or winter! Dani, you received some awesome gifts girl. What great friends and family you have!!! Hope you're having a great day my friend. ((HUG))

  2. Oooh, beautiful autumn colours - really feeling this :D Hands down tho, my favourite from above is the bird cup; SO cute lol! xx

  3. Awesome presents, darling. I love the dog pedant - so cool!

  4. oh my... he sausage dog necklace is so so adorable!!! happy belated birthday :) xkim

  5. Kim- Loving the pumpkin this winter! Thanks girl!x

    Miss Raj- The birds cup is such a good treat for the price!I have used it almost every day!

    Marusya- Thanks! I asked for a real dog, but this one will do for now :)

    Kim W- Thank you!