Thursday, 6 October 2011

gpoyWTF? High-Waisted Wide-legged jean nightmare

Where I post unflattering photos of myself for your viewing pleasure.

So over on my previous blog platform Tumblr, there is a "Gratuitous Photo of Yourself Wednesdays" or gpoyw. Well I was going to add this little number to it, with what I wore, but this photo turned out to be more of a gpoyWhat The Fug?

Wearing: H&M jeans (original color on right), Silence + Noise tee, Topman cardi (formally my husbands),
Bandalino ballet flats, awkward pose by Danielle

I purchased these H&M high-waisted wide leg jeans on super sale (£7) for a 1940s themed party where I planned on doing a "hello, sailor" themed outfit. While I ended up going a different route with the fancy dress, I decided to try to get my seven quid out of these jeans.

And I CANNOT figure out how to wear them. I have wide hips but a flatter stomach so I get weird creepy-old-man bunching in the crotch (cue Curb Your Enthusiasm episode)and my hips push out my jeans which is extra unflattering on the legs.

The light color doesn't do much for this look, so I was thinking of dyeing them a darker blue to maybe slim down the leg area (as seen on right).

What do you think of this type of jeans? Universally fugly mom jeans, or is there a way to wear this look and be above an XXSmall? I hate wasting £7.

*UPDATED: Remembered the 70s trick of sewing in the crotch tight and to aid the fit and fight the buldging, next time I take out my machine I am going to tailoring town on these! With an adjusted fit, and using Belle's advice of using structured tops, it just might work- and for the meantime- it can be my inside jeans / sailor girl costume.


  1. I have a nice pair of grey wool pants EXACTLY like this. I tend to try pair them with a nicely tailored shirt to sort of balance out the wideness of the flare of the pants. Here's an example of the look I TRY to go for:

    Also, heels are a MUST for me with these pants. Otherwise I look even shorter and dumpier than normal.

    I do like the darker wash.

  2. Danielle you spoke the answer already...Sailor! Get a cute striped top to wear with it, some great heels (red would be SMASHING!)as Belle mentioned above and a great coloured bag! It will totally change the look (which ain't that bad to begin with). ((HUG)) :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  3. I would do the sailor thing too..put some red and white with it. Nothing to big and chunky, let the trousers show off. Wear some heels and maybe a bow angled sleeve top to balance it out!! I think you look great though already xx