Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Oregon Trail to Kings Road with River Island's Chelsea Girl

I got sucked into the gold rush playing the vintage computer game Oregon trail last night. Did you know you can play a whole load of old Apple games online

Anyhow, it was the FIRST time I ever made it to Oregon alive! I even got in the top 10 of the game leaderboard. 1991 is so proud of me.

I was re-living the trans-prairie victory today while online shopping and came across River Island's Chelsea Girl collection that could fit right into 1848.

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Hedgehog print jumper
  2. Cream victoriana blouse
  3. Frill front blouse
  4. Oversize cape
  5. Ankle boots
  6. Midi skirts
  7. Suede bag

It is based on the Chelsea Girl brand of the 60s and 70s which eventually evolved into the River Island of today.

During the 60s and 70s the King's Road in Chelsea was the center of London counterculture. Hippies roamed the street in the late 1960s, while in the 70s Dame Vivienne Westwood opened her first shop on the King's Road selling to the punk scene.

The collection might have some pieces that are "fording the Snake River" than River Island, but it does blend together nicely the 1960s Kings Road with 1860s Oregon Trail for the modern day Chelsea girl.

Are you into frontier/ hippie style or should it get lost on the trail like one of my oxen?

Try to beat my 2244 score on Oregon Trail here and to get a good idea of the Kings Road style of the 1960s check out the Kings Road Rocks! tumblr by @kingsroadrocks.


  1. Never played that before. Love the clothes choices..I would wear it as I like mixing and wearing different styles. xx

  2. I love them all! really gorgeous! <3<3

  3. How funny is it that Chelsea used to be counterculture! You'd never know if you walked down the King's Road today...

  4. Oh I really love the clothes you've posted. I was making outfits with them all in my head!

    Sarah Betty xx

  5. DDH- It may only be nostalgia type fun for the game, but dressing up as the game is fun for everyone :)

    LS&F- Thanks for your comment!x

    Betsy- My husband wouldn't believe me that the Sex Pistols used to stroll down the same street as the Made in Chelsea cast!

    Sarah- Thank you! I am giving serious consideration to that hedgehog jumper myself!

  6. AHHHHH Oregon Trail? That brings back some great memories! I am not much of a country girl and when I used to play...I never did well on that game! It's really nice to see that many people from my post today commented that they'd still save a bulk of their money even if they won the lotto! But they admitted to treating themselves to a few items ;)

  7. Girl, if you find me on an Oregon trail I'll be dead. I won't make it. I barely survived the pumpkin patch. So little house on the prairie I am not. Just keepin it real! One of my friends played that game. I think I tried it once and used up all of my supplies and DIED...HAHAHA... FIGURES! So I never played again. I think that's the game I was playing. Is that it? :D