Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Sweet Teatime at Harrod's Laudrée

Why can't the Help Wanted section have an ad for an Afternoon Tea Taste-tester? It might be the job for which I am best qualified, unless the Kardashian-rerun-Marathon-on-a-Rainy-Day-Watcher position is available. Do you know how much it rains here? (HINT: everyday) I'd be PAID. Anyhow, no one would have to pay me to partake in afternoon tea at Laudrée.

The macaroon champions of the universe come from France, but we are lucky enough to have three in London. While my family was visiting last month, they let a charming flat just behind Harrods. My mom and I snuck out for traditional tea, but ended up going to Laudrée instead of the Harrods terrace. That last minute decision was totally worth it. Instead of the louder balcony inside the shop, we were sat in the cosy back room: a black-texuture-wallpapered S&M re-imagining of the Belle Époche.
We chose our gorgeous flavor-infused teas: my mom choose the violet and I went with the Thé au caramel (caramel & flowers). The teas came out in individual silver pots that had monogrammed napkin cosy to protect our precious fingers from burning. I spent some time trying to figure out how I could convince my husband to use this lovely blue and pink Laudrée china everyday, but he is firm believer that tea should be from a MUG (gross).

In place of the traditional afternoon tea, it is a french high tea menu. There were still dainty finger sandwiches, but also chocolate & almond croissants, passionfruit & raspberry tarts, chocolate cake and a GIANT macaroon. I find the usual Victoria sponge a complete bore, so these were very welcome additions to afternoon tea. This is when things start to get a bit blurry:
1. Because of the giant macaroon and tea induced Sugar/Caffeine high and
2. I forgot the rule of high tea: "one does not bring a camera you spilled wine-in-a-can on during NYE in Philly to tea if one wishes to blog about it later"
Sticky camera lenses aside, Laudree is perfect for an afternoon tea (and pretty reasonably priced at £22) or a cuppa and a croissant. It doesn't hurt that you are just a few floors away from browsing at the Harrods pet shop, either.


  1. i love tea. that looks really good. i want to go to London one day. :)


    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  2. Come on over, Kim! London is a great place to explore!x

    PS-love your blog!

  3. seems like you had a lovely time! will have to visit the Laudree in London next time I go!


  4. Definitely do! It's well worth it!x

  5. Brilliant post again; the cakes and pastries look amazing. I love your blog header by the way.

  6. @ Miss Raj - Go to get your fill of some lovely flavoured (not bubble) hot tea :)
    & thanks! I get paid to draw things at my 9-5, but sometimes really bad computer doodles are my favorite thing!

  7. Looks delicious! I'm still on a mission for the ultimate 'tea' in NYC!

  8. Liz- I would suggest Palm Court at the Plaza or the Russian Tea room for luxe, and Tea & Sympathy for a fun British themed tea!