Monday, 5 September 2011

Say the Word: JAWN

Jawn: (jôn) Philly slang word that can describe any person, place or thing. Generally implies ownership. As in "hand me that jawn", "that jawn is mad decent", "she's my side jawn"

I would say I was a Philly girl through & through, but I was born in Connecticut. Philly was the place I lived and loved before booking a one-way, non-refundable ticket to join the love of my life in the Big Smoke on the isle of flying nannies: London.

Going on two years strong, I'm trying to learn, soak in, and enjoy London to the fullest. Whether its Sunday walks on the Thames path, getting lost on a night bus, drinking Pimm's in the beer gardens of Putney, or Clark Griswold-ing my way around Buckingham Palace, I am out on adventure with my new jawn, while carrying Philly around in my heart.

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