Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sweet Dreams at V&A's Friday Lates: The House of Annie Lennox

Last week I went to the V&A Museum's Friday Lates, where the special exhibits stay open until 10pm accompanied by cocktails, DJ's and unique events.

We headed up to see the temporary House of Annie Lennox exhibit in the film & theatre wing which featured awards, clothes, music, video, and writing of the Eurythmics lead singer.
Entrance to the House of Annie Lennox
(ignore the Rhino)
inside the mini house was a usable desk filled with Annie's writing
one of Annie's signature outfits on display

My favorite bit of the exhibit were the cubby holes you stuck your head into. While looking down at some artifacts from one of Annie's albums, your ears were filled with it's signature sound.
my favorite cubby hole
The V& A is also selling some Annie Lennox tee's and badges (pins) but I am a disappointed thy are not having her disco mouse ears headband in the shop.

The House of Annie Lennox is a must-see for any Annie Lennox/Eurythmics fan, but BE WARNED: your husband WILL be singing "Sweet Dreams are Made of These" for the next few days.

You can visit a virtual exhibit on Annie Lennox's website or find out more about visiting the V&A House of Annie Lennox on their site.

Stay tuned for more V&A Wednesday

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  1. I'm singing it and not even there! HAHAHA Sweet posts are made of this Dani! HAHAHA Oh that's awesome girl! Take it ALL IN and SHARE because I can't get there yet. HAHAHA LOVE IT!!!! That's so interesting. Great pics! Wish we had more of that here! :)
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim