Saturday, 24 September 2011


Well it is been a WEEK. Crazy work schedules, busy nights, stomach bugs and insect-bugs in our drains (yuck). I feel behind and so tired. As I keep on glancing at the gorgeous autumn day outside and my sick husband inside, I keep on thinking "Why us this week? We were supposed to be out enjoying the beautiful weather not laid up on the couch/ fighting off drain flys".

So I sat down and watched my favorite YouTube motivator Marie Forleo talk about what to do when life hands you a 'shit sandwich':

And then I remember gratitude and everything I have to be thankful for in my life.

This week has brought something to be extra grateful- New Orleans fashion blogger Kim from SassyUptownChic has awarded me with a Leibster blog award!

An award given to bloggers with less than 200 followers in order to help them
connect with more people.
I am so happy that this blog has opened up a chance to get to know more awesome bloggers like Kim in just a few weeks. I can't thank her enough for her comments & tweets and of course nominating me for this award!

I'd like to pay it forward and nominate some of my favorite blogs:
  • Faithful Luxe- new UK fashion blog, with hot runway to real world fashion finds
  • Miss Raj- an blogger with epically inspirational posts
  • Sybil Virgo-UK fashion blog with great takes on the catwalk shows
  • The 25 Year old Liz- tumblr friend turned blogger buddy chronicling a year of her life
  • to ELLE and Back- Louisa blogging about London life & a fellow Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lover
Thanks again to Kim for brightening my week and please show her some love over on SassyUptownChic!

The award suggests *Post the image on your Blog, *Choose five bloggers you want to give it to & comment on a post letting them know you have chosen them, *Show thanks to the person who gave you the award by linking it back to them.


  1. Thank you so much love! It's much appreciated! :)

    I've nominated you too. I hope the coming weeks are much better for you & your husband as you deserve it! Take care.

    Sybil Virgo

  2. Hey Danielle!!! OMG'd, I couldn't stop laughing at the term "sh*t sandwich"! HAHAHAHA I SUPER LOVE that video. It's awesome! At the end of the day, we ALL need to open our eyes and look at others situations. Then you realize, yours is NOT bad at all. Oh, I could hug you! I'm so grateful to have met you. Your humanity at it's best. Congratulations on your award! You are so deserving, that's why I gave it to you. I love your spirit. I love your thinking. I love your heart. I was tired today also. I'm resting this weekend. And you're the only blog I'm responding to today, besides the comments on mine. We all need a break. Sending well wishes to your husband and I hope those bugs go awayyyy. How awful! I love this video so, I'm going to share it on my facebook page. Hope your weekend is better. ((HUG))
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  3. Sybil-Thank you!

    Kim- hope you got some rest and have an awesome week!x

  4. Thanks so much for the nomination! Hope you enjoy reading as much as I do yours :)