Monday, 26 September 2011

Celebrating Autumn with a London Walk in Barnes

The beginning-of-autumn-in-London weekend I had planned in my mind went out the window, but I managed to go for a walk in the more suburban part of the city to see the colors starting to change.

Though I had planned on going to Richmond Park, line work on the train had me walking around Barnes instead. Barnes has a real small, rich village vibe, though it is still in London. Some of the larger streets with detached houses, driveways and wide sidewalks feel almost American, which help soothe my autumnal homesickness

Thinking I was going to Richmond, I hadn't planned out a route for Barnes and ended up walking 4 miles more than intended. So here are some photos that prove- though we don't know our final destination, it can be a beautiful journey along the way.

Weeping Willows in Barnes Common

Flats behind Barnes pond

Rowers on the Thames in front of Hammersmith

Close up of Hammersmith Bridge medallion

How did you celebrate the first autumn weekend of 2011?


  1. Beautiful photos!! I walked along the esplanade and watched the waters and then walked home through the leaves :)) xx

  2. Sometimes the best journeys are the ones where you have no destination! These are lovely pictures, I can't wait for the autumnal colours to properly appear and dance my way through a pile of leaves!

    Fi xx

  3. I have never heard if Barnes... I do like a random walk though. Followed by a random pub!

  4. Beautiful sights along the way!!! You even got exercise doing so Danielle!!! 4 miles!!! HAHAHAHAHA Those pictures are awesome girl! I always hear wonderful things about all of London's parks. Thanks for capturing these moments. They're beautiful! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  5. DDH- Thank you! I enjoyed the photos of the ladies from your weekend too!x

    Fi- Thank you- I wanted to make a leaf pile to jump into but there weren't quite enough, I am hoping net weekend there will be!

    Sheryn- Thank you! (And thanks for noticing the link was broken !)x

    Grace- It is really beautiful but I still like Richmond / Twickenham better in that part of London. There are some GREAT pubs in Barnes and across the river in Chiswick!

    Kim- Thanks lady!x Yeah we were only planning on a mile or so- but the bus we wanted to take didn't run on Sunday so we had a LONG walk back to the station!

  6. Hi there! Thanks for visiting/commenting on my blog! I love meeting new people.

    Great pics of your accidental amble. Long walks in London are the best, especially if they include a Starbucks or a pub. And they always did.