Monday, 12 September 2011

Game Day at Bodeans

 Moving overseas, it isn't always easy to support your favorite US sports teams, especially in the UK, where American football and baseball aren't even played. Some of the big games are shown on ESPN and it is possible to purchase your favorite NFL team's games streamed live to your computer with the NFL game pass. However, for the best "American" sports bar atmosphere in London, I go to one of the Bodean's BBQ Restaurants.
The Tower Hill Bodean's
Bodean's has 4 locations in London, but the best for sports watching are the Tower Hill and Clapham Common locations.

On Sunday I put on my throwback Jackson jersey and headed down the Clapham branch to watch the Eagles' opening game with some friends who were Rams fans. Which was unfortunate for them, since the place was packed with other Eagles fans!
Clapham on Game Day
The Clapham branch features 6 flat screens featuring MLB, NFL and NCAA games listed on their schedule.  They stream the games live, so you get American commentators, music and commericals, which is very exciting for those of us used to the British ESPN presenters.

Get there early on game days, as the seats tend to fill up fast and it gives you a chance to eat some BBQ before kickoff. On days listed with games, you can order their Game Day Special, where you get wings, baby back ribs, fries, coleslaw and a beer for £15!

Pulled pork, chilli cheese fries, A&W Cream soda
Personally, I'd order the pulled pork and burnt ends, as they are both the best I have had in London. They also offer an excellent selection of American beers and whiskeys. If you go to the Tower Hill location try the Rock & Rye and the Cowboy Martini cocktails for something different and delicious.

We spent about five hours at Bodean's on Saturday, sampling the appetizers, meals and beers. The desserts were the only menu items I was underwhelmed by, but the Eagles win was the sweetest finish to the night, anyway.

Have you been to Bodean's for a game before? Is there any other good sports watching locations I should know about?


  1. Danielle, you are making me SUPER hungry right now!!! HaHaHa So glad you have a couple of choice places to watch football games. Football, food and great friends definitely go together. Glad you had an awesome weekend! Have a great day!

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  2. I agree with Kim! I am HUNGRY just by looking at the delicious food! So you are now living in London and you are from the US??? That is so cool, I'd love to have a foreign assignment but just like you said little comforts of home would be, baseball, american style burgers hehe!

  3. um YUM. looks delicious. and yesss for the Eagles! xo

  4. I LOVE BODEANS! this post is making me hungry.

  5. Kim & B- it is GREAT to have somewhere that feels (and tastes) like home

    Liz- Go Birds!

    grace- it is the best, isn't it? We probably go one a month !