Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Ghost Signs of London

across from Ladbroke Grove Underground

on Camden High St

hidden signs like ghosts
a city's past life on top
the bricks of London


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  2. Love the Boots sign, beautiful pictures. I love tell-tale signs of a city's past, thanks for sharing this, really beautiful

  3. I love ghost signs!!! :D

  4. I just love ghost signs! Great spots! That sounds weird, like "spotty" but I meant that it was good you spotted them.

  5. Miss Raj- Thank you!

    Julia- Thanks!

    Emm- haha, it does sound a little funny- but I got what you meant :) Thank you!

  6. i love looking at amazing photos. so glad i stumbled on your blog!


  7. I used to walk past that Ladbroke Grove one every day on my way to work :)

  8. It's history engraved on the walls. Those are beautiful pictures! I wonder if the people that originally put those signs up knew they would be contributing to the art of London?

    I'm here from SassyUptownChic. I'm so glad I came across your blog! Love it! I'll be following :)

  9. Love old signs like these, very cool!! Boots is great :) x

  10. The stories they could tell!!! Oh my!!! I wanna know where is Jack the Ripper? LOL Don't go looking! Just messin with ya! ((HUG))