Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Scenes of Cambridge in Autumn

If I had to pick anywhere else in the UK to live, it would be Cambridge. When I visited a couple weeks ago, I mentioned there was punting, but the day was also spent soaking in the town's atmosphere.

Living here, I sometimes feel desensitized to cutesy, old, famous things. Cambridge, however, always manages to impress.

With the historic stone and brick houses...

The collegiate autumnal feel of campuses covered in fallen leaves...

The cute shopfronts with hand painted signs...

The winding twisting roads...

The ubiquitous push bikes with wicker baskets blocking every path... 

The road signs from 1857...

The buildings that have inspired academics for hundreds of years...

Yes, Cambridge, I really like you.


  1. It's what I love about the UK, everything is so old and historic, even older here in Scotland. I'm used to it, yet not used to it sometimes. Cambreidge is great, I also love York, in England too, I used to live around there as well, must visit it sometime again! Have a great day doll xx

  2. It has a lot of CHARM! I'm so jealous you two live in England. If I go, I may never come back. HAHAHA Beautiful pics Danielle!

  3. Got to agree with you here, I do rather love Cambridge. Even though it's home to such a big university it still retains its character and charm; its quaint. Sounds like you had a great time! Thank you by the way for all your lovely comments on my blog - I've been so UNBELIEVABLY busy that I havent been able to respond to any comments yet, but i really appreciate your time; the comments make my day. Best wishes x

  4. I was just thinking it looked stunning and then the last photo blew me away! That is exquisite! I am finally going to visit Cambridge in December. I can't wait.

  5. DDH- I have been meaning to take a trip to York for awhile, as everyone speaks of its beauty. I am also trying to talk my husband into visiting Scotland- I dream of Edinburgh & the Isle of Skye!

    Kim- CHARM is the word! Thank you!

    MissRaj- get your rest girl, jet lag is the worst! thanks for your comment :)

    Emm- Have fun on your trip! Cambridge is gorgeous with all the Christmas lights!