Monday, 7 November 2011

Harrods Crystal Christmas Decorations

This weekend's chilly grey weather got me thinking it was the Christmas season.
With only 7 weeks left until the day and 5 more weeks until our holiday vacation, it nearly is!

Yesterday we took a tour around London to see the best Christmas displays. Normally Fortnum & Mason is our favorite, but Harrods really impressed this year.

Every year the store picks a different theme for the decorations and window displays. This year was Crystal Christmas as the windows, which deserve a post of their own, were presented by Swarovski. 


Don't worry, there are plenty of traditional decorations peppered throughout the Christmas shop.

With no Thanksgiving to look forward to here, I find myself getting excited about Christmas extra early. Are you excited for the holiday season yet?


  1. These are wonderful..I love decorations..I can't wait to see more and more of them come out!! Hope you have a great day!! xx

  2. Those decorations look beautiful. I kind of refuse to acknowledge the season until December but I am looking forward to it since I am heading home for the holidays.

  3. These are brilliant! Won't get to visit myself this year, but delighted to have a little glimpse courtesy of yourself :)

  4. DDH- me too- going back to check out Regent's Street this week!

    Melissa- Glad you are getting to spend the holiday with your family, I will be heading home as well!

    Anon- Thanks :)

  5. Merry early Christmas! =)

  6. Thank you so much for this post Danielle! You know how I love to see what's going on in London girl. I love Harrods! Loving the crystal and traditional theme. That red, white and green tree is just gorgeous? You've also answered my question if you can take pictures in Harrods. HAHAHA Hope you have a great day girl! :D

  7. Hope- Thank you! Merry Early Christmas to you too! Always nice to hear from a fellow PA'er!

    Kim- I am still not too sure about the photos in Harrods. I got told off twice before, but this time I got some shots. Maybe because I was doing it when the security looked away?...