Tuesday, 15 November 2011

New Street Art at Portobello Market

This weekend was spent exploring Holland Park and Notting Hill. A craving for some delicious tacos at El Camino turned into a chance to see a live art show.

A collective of street artists were collaborating on a large wall.

It was amazing to see these works of art come to life in front of us...

 and to witness the techniques of the artists first hand.

Though there must have been 30 people watching them work, they didn't seem to break a sweat or make a mistake. Not something I think I could do!

I am excited to go back and see the final result!

To see the art for yourself- they sit at the entrance to Ladbroke Grove Station entrance to Portobello Market (right next to the A40).


  1. Ohhhh, I love the Bugs Bunny one! It simply amazes me how they draw things and not get nervous or break a sweat. Love the colors! Thanks for sharing this Danielle! Have an awesome Tuesday! :D

  2. These are really fab!You've got talent!Nice post!

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  3. I love street art! (which would explain why I blog about it so often!!)
    These guys are just masters. The most I have ever done with a can of spray paint was paint a huge V on my garage wall when V was all the rage back on the late 1980s.

    I didn't quite make it up to Ladbrooke Grove when I visited as I came from Notting Hill Gate Side. What a pity!

  4. Do you know the name of the artist who did the Bugs Bunny one? I used to go up that way to work every day :)

  5. Yeah Please tell me the name of the artist. He did amazing work. I saw this wall in real.