Friday, 4 November 2011

Beetle Juice! Models Own's Newest Nail Range

It was my husbands birthday yesterday but today felt like my birthday when a deliveryman brought me a package containing the item I have been coveting for a month: the all-new Beetle Juice Golden Green nail polish (or varnish, in British English).

About 30 seconds after I ripped open the ASOS box (did you know they have free shipping?) I started painting my nails, which had been stripped of color the day before in anticipation.

It took  two coats to get the opaque color. On the nail it appears a refective yellow-green, which when hits with sunlight, shimmers with gold. Also depending on the light, the Golden Green can seem like a dark blue-green, which would be a nice color all on its own.


The verdict? While I do like this color, and will re-wear it, I was hoping for it to be a darker deeper green gold like the Butter London's Wallis.  
(Aside: Why do they add London to their name if it is so gosh darn hard to get their products here?! )

With their facebook and media coverage, plus the countdown clock for theTuesday morning web release, Models Own had a definite smash hit opening for this range, having all the British fashonistas screaming "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle Juice!".

Pinky Brown and their Box Set of the range have already sold out (in one day!) but you can order the other BeetleJuice colors on the Models Own website.

What do you think of this range?


  1. HAHA Danielle! I can picture you ripping the package open girl. I really love it and think it's an awesome shade on you. It's the perfect Fall green! I think you're gonna wear it more than you think once you start pairing it with some great outfits. Love to see it against browns and such. That's just my opinion. Wishing you a great weekend my friend. Talk to you later!

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  3. I love these too. Think it was such a nice thing for them to do for this time of the year too. :)

    Sarah Betty xx

  4. Kim- There was shedded cardboard all over the place! It goes really well with browns, oranges, golds- I am really starting to love it!

    Sarahbetty- Definitely try it out if you haven't already!