Thursday, 10 November 2011

Secrets of All Saints Church in Fulham

Shooting film photographs with my vintage Halina Paulette camera can be a fun way to explore the city.  I put the results on my flickr.

Though I took these photos a few months ago, their creepy atmosphere goes perfectly with the facts I recently unearthed about All Saints Church in Fulham.

All Saints was used in the classic horror movie The Omen. The tower is where *spoiler alert* Father Brennan gets impaled by a lightning rod.

Bishops Park

Yes, this is the church which filled childhood nightmares that were not about Jaws.

All Saints Graveyard

The cemetery is also a mix of beautiful and creepy.  The foundation dates back 900 years, though the tower is from 1440 and a majority of the church was rebuilt in the 1880s.

It sits on the River Thames adjacent to Bishops Park and more than a few Bishops of London have been buried here.

Though not on the usual circuit of London churches to visit, if you love film or hauntingly beautiful places, Fulham's All Saints Church is the perfect place to visit.


  1. It's awesome..really enjoyed this!! Maybe go there one day :)) Hope you are doing well doll! xx

  2. Danielle, I'm striking that one OFF my list of to-do's! HAHAHAHA You have convinced me! LOL Awesome pictures girl and fabulous history of the church. I think I saw that movie once. Freaked me out! :D

  3. Love your photos, they're really great! x

  4. I know the music director there! I'll have to pass this along to him :)

  5. Ok so don't laugh...when I think of All Saints I think of the brand! I have never been to UK so this is why my knowledge is quite limited and this is definitely freaky! Thank you so much for the kind comment, my Mom enjoyed ready everyone's comments! And...I am giving away two of her bags, hope you'll stop by and enter :)

  6. I love your photos! I love what other people can achieve with film. Your photos have a retro, timeless feel and yes, the first one totally reminded me of the film. I remember being quite a fan and checking my baby brother's head for a certain numerical branding.